YS Jagan completes a historic 3000 kilometers of padhayatra today at Kothavalasa, Vijayanagaram district Andhra Pradesh. YS Jagan also launches a 3000 kilometers pylon set up by the Vijayanagram party working cadre.


This padayatra started from Idupulapaya Kadapa district (the place where his father and former Chief Minister of united Andhra Pradesh late Sri Y.S. RajaSekhar Reddy was buried) followed by Kurnool, Anantapur, Chittoor and entered coastal Andhra and finally reached the 3000 kilometers milestone at the beginning of Vijayanagaram district, and yet there are 2 more districts to cover.


This padayatra is remarkable and will be remembered in the history of politics as we have not seen anybody walking for such a long distance only to interact with the people directly and listen to their problems, thus made YS Jagan to prepare the peoples manifesto “Navarathnalu”.


Highlights of PrajaSankalpaYatra

269 days

11 districts

116 Constituencies

1650 Villages

193 Mandals

106 huge public meetings (Bahiranga Sabha)

7 Corporations

44 Municipalities.