JanaSena Praja Porata Yatra Third Phase

Due to some major eye surgery Pawan Kalyan has not been seen in public or in any media as he was advised by the doctors to take rest for some months or at least till...Read more »

PrajaSankalpaYatra reaches 3000 Kilometers

YS Jagan completes a historic 3000 kilometers of padhayatra today at Kothavalasa, Vijayanagaram district Andhra Pradesh. YS Jagan also launches a 3000 kilometers pyl...Read more »

Aaj Tak Survey On AP Politics

Recently a top national media channel Aaj Tak and India Today done a survey on current situation on AP Politics about whom AP people wants to see as next CM, and the...Read more »

YS Jagan Praja Sankalpa Yatra reaches 2800 Kilometers

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YSR Congress Party to donate huge amount to Kerala floods

YSR Congress Party Chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy along with his party MLA’s and other high cadre of th...Read more »